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The print interview training is taken by our own professional journalists who will guide you through the kind of things you need to say and how to say them. All using techniques and strategy to ensure you make the most out of every opportunity to get your message across.


Print journalists often approach interviews with a pre-disposed position, meaning they will lay out their case first

Print interviews can also last a long time. Telephone print interviews (as they mostly are these days) will be anything up to half an hour. From all of that information they will choose two, three or four sentences from the entirety of what was said, lumped together into one or two quotes.

Because you have little editorial control you need to make the most out of the opportunities you get.

Our print interview training can be a stand alone session or part of a larger session on media in general (including Tv and radio or broadcast media). All our classes are bespoke and so, although we do have formatted courses, we always fit what we teach around our clients needs.

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BMS has worked with many FTSE 250 companies and their corporate communications teams to put their Gold Command team under the most realistic extreme pressure.