What Constitutes Commission of Work

Work will be deemed as being formally booked or commissioned when an
instruction to begin work has been ordered or a date for work to be carried out
has been agreed.

Work can be commissioned verbally, by telephone, by email or by fax.

Once work has been commissioned it is the responsibility of the Client to raise
any Purchase Order number or any other relevant contracts or anything else
that they require.

Cancellation by Clients

Generally speaking cancellation by a client results in liability for 100% of all the
agreed value of the work commissioned.

Where costs are incurred such as helicopters for aerial filming or vessels for
offshore filming or photography, these costs will usually need paying in full
before work begins. Cancellation of these services will usually still require full

It may be that this liability can be wholly or partially waived by BMS should the
work be rescheduled or amended. This is purely at the discretion of BMS.


Time lapse photography

Rental and responsibility

All time lapse equipment supplied and installed for the agreed contractual period is on
a hire basis. This means that all such equipment installed on your site, is your
responsibility to keep safe and undamaged. Should any damage be incurred, whether
accidental or otherwise, during the agreed hire period, the whole cost of like for like
replacement will be the responsibility of you. Any such costs to replace components
will be determined by a BMS engineer.

Any damage, theft or loss of time lapse equipment resulting in data loss is not the
responsibility of BMS.

Harvesting of images / battery replacement / ad hoc site visits

Site visits that are normally included in the price of your installation are:

  • Initial site visit / recce
  • Installation
  • Removal of camera

Additional site visits, such as harvesting images for archiving or rotating batteries that
power the rigs (where mains electricity is unavailable) are normally charged at £400
plus overnight stay where required plus mileage at 55p per mile + VAT.

These can be avoided or reduced if someone on site is willing to harvest the images and cycle the batteries that power the rig, or if we can harvest images remotely.

Power and mounting the camera

Where mains power is required to power the time-lapse camera it is our clients’
responsibility to provide this.

Mounting the camera sometimes requires an existing solid structure on which to attach the camera rig. This will either be provided by you, the client, or an additional cost may be incurred to provide such a structure.

Content Disclaimer

Broadcast Media Services Ltd reserves the right to refuse to use, publish or
broadcast any information it considers obscene or morally unsuitable or which
would breach copyrights, or which is libelous, defamatory or illegal.

Should such a submission occur, the customer will be advised which information
was deemed unsuitable, and requested to amend the information. If the
customer can show good reason to use the “unsuitable” information, its
inclusion may be considered.

General Conditions

Broadcast Media Services Ltd cannot be held liable for loss or damage caused as
a result of third party action or failure.

The client shall provide appropriate security arrangements for any filming
which Broadcast Media Services Ltd provides crew or equipment and such
arrangements shall be notified to Broadcast Media Services Ltd in writing in
advance of travel to that jurisdiction.

Broadcast Media Services Ltd cannot be held liable to any party for any errors
on any medium after the customer has agreed in writing that the content is
correct and accurate and should be posted, published or broadcast.
Contracts may be modified by agreement in writing at any time to add or
delete services to better fit the client’s needs.


In consideration of, and subject to, the final payment of full fees due to
Broadcast Media Services Ltd by the customer, Broadcast Media Services Ltd
hereby assigns to the customer with full title guarantee all the present and
future copyright and other intellectual property rights howsoever arising in the


Any confidential or proprietary information which is acquired by Broadcast
Media Services Ltd from a client company, person or entity will not be used or
disclosed to any person or entity, except when required to do so by law. If
required, Broadcast Media Services Ltd will sign and adhere to the conditions of
any Confidentiality Agreement used by the client.

Who we work with


BMS has worked with many FTSE 250 companies and their corporate communications teams to put their Gold Command team under the most realistic extreme pressure.