Presentations are part and parcel of corporate life

Very few people are naturally charismatic and have the ability to perform ‘on the hoof’ with little preparation. We help build confidence where not only words have impact but presence and tone are identified as key components to delivering a successful presentation.

The art of public speaking is to deliver your material in such a way that is appears spontaneous rather than a series of disconnected thoughts strung together by a presenter who is intimidated by having to stand in front of people.


The BMS Approach to Corporate Presentation Training

BMS has 20 years’ experience of delivering corporate presentation training and over the years we have trained hundreds of senior executives and middle management.

The BMS team will talk you through a number of steps to improving your performance and communication techniques. It’s not only about content – a focused delivery can help pull off a memorable presentation.

Filming, replaying and offering immediate coaching and feedback helps improve a delegate’s ability through the course of the session.

BMS can’t change your personality but we can help make the best of what you have and, most importantly, ensure that what you say resonates with your audience and is remembered.

During the corporate presentation training course, you’ll be recorded for voice and language analysis and filmed so we can assess your physical presence. This is an exercise in selling yourself, your ideas and your confidence: it’s often as much about hearts and minds as it is hard facts. Our course aims to get rid of the nerves and reveal a more confident and expressive you, through a variety of practical exercises.

Here at BMS we are aware that you need practical training that will directly impact your success at work, delivered by highly experienced and effective coaches who have the passion and know-how to really help you develop your presentation skills. With BMS, you can rest assured that you are in the right hands.


We can provide our corporate presentation training either where you work, at our bespoke training centre in Nottingham or at our facility at Henry Wood House in central London close to BBC Broadcasting House.


Why choose BMS?

Our professional journalist trainers are current or former media specialists

All our professional journalist trainers are current or former specialists in the media. They have backgrounds in print and broadcast with national newspapers, the BBC, ITN and Sky News with local, regional, national and international experience.

We are also one of the few media training companies in the UK to have our course independently accredited by the CPD Standards Office (Continuing Professional Development). For you it means a guarantee of the quality of our training and ensuring that standards across BMS are kept high and consistent.

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BMS has worked with many FTSE 250 companies and their corporate communications teams to put their Gold Command team under the most realistic extreme pressure.