Andrew Ogden


Andrew was a newspaper, radio and television reporter, producer, presenter and director for nearly 20 years before forming Broadcast Media Services Ltd in 1997. BMS has been a Televisual magazine UK Top 50 Corporate Production studio since 2011 and is one of the UK’s leading Media and Crisis Media Training companies. Andrew has an allotment and makes his own jam.


Matt Ellis

Managing Director

BBC trained, Matt leads the video production team at BMS. He was for 10 years a senior cameraman, editor and studio engineer at ITV. Matt’s passion for creative and technical excellence underpins everything we do. Matt likes hair metal bands of the 1980s.


Greg May

Greg manages all aspects of video production as a location producer, camera operator and driving an edit suite. He is one of our leading creatives taking on whole life projects. He is one of many at BMS who is qualified to work offshore and in hazardous conditions. Greg built a play castle for his rabbit Bobby.


Megan Caseley

Megan is the BMS technical wizard looking after IT, online security, time-lapse rigs and anything that flashes, beeps or speaks binary. Megan’s also a talented 3D animator and she can also be seen out on location with BMS camera crews. Megan likes to thrash a drum kit to death.


Kamil Manysiak

Kamil has a passion for design and animation bringing a wealth of motion graphics and editing talent to the BMS team. Kamil also enjoys working on location as one of the film crew capturing crystal clear audio.


Nathan Trays

Nathan graduated in Animation and Visual Effects from Sheffield Hallam with a first class honours degree. He is a skilled 2D and 3D artist with his final university production being nominated multiple awards across the country.


Coreen Reynolds

Coreen is the BMS accounts supremo, money in and money out. She is the first point of call for any financial and administrative matters. Coreen does not like a mileage claim without a VAT petrol receipt to back it up. You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.

Claire Oliver

Claire makes sure that everything at BMS happens just when it should and that everyone is where they need to be. From running the diary to arranging a gluten-free lunch or arranging a team night out, Claire has it all covered.


Nick Britten

For more than 20 years a Nick has been a senior Daily Telegraph journalist covering all the major UK stories. He’s also a respected media analyst getting to the heart of what makes the media tick for both BBC News channel and Sky News.

Who we work with


BMS has worked with many FTSE 250 companies and their corporate communications teams to put their Gold Command team under the most realistic extreme pressure.