Skype Interview Tips

These video conferencing interview tips have been collated by myself and some of the team here at BMS to help our clients present themselves in the best possible light. In these changing times you are more likely to appear on BBC, ITV or Sky broadcasts via a video conferencing app and to reflect this we have developed our media training and presentation training courses to prepare you for the latest broadcasting techniques.

Get camera level with your eyes or a tad higher

Adjust the height of your laptop or computer so the camera is level with your hairline. If the camera is below your eyes, it will make your jaw and chin look disproportionally large and your nose hairs may become visible. As a general rule you will look better when you’re looking up, not down.

Give yourself some light

Turn on a desk lamp over your laptop so it shines on you, or sit facing a window. Experiment to get light that illuminates your face in a flattering way, but isn’t too harsh or too dim. Make sure you’re not back-lit.

Use a laptop

By using a mobile device to conduct your interview you are more likely to be interrupted by an incoming phone call. Where possible use a laptop with a webcam and external USB microphone that you can attach to your lapel. Test your kit with a friend or colleague well in advance of your broadcast interview and turn off audible alerts so that the interview isn’t punctuated with incoming email alerts.

Centre yourself in the screen

Make sure you’re not cutting off the top of your head or your chin, and make sure you’re not over to the left or the right. Angle your screen if you need to, or back away from your laptop. The best Skype interviews are properly framed by creating a triangle between your forehead and shoulders.

Clean up your background

This is one of those rare occasions when a blank wall comes in handy. Make sure you don’t have a lot of distractions behind you. At the very least, make sure you’re not showcasing a messy room.

How you look

Check your appearance before you settle down and don’t use the webcam to do it. You don’t want to start your Skype interview while you’re still doing your hair. For clothes, smart business casual is fine. Women shouldn’t wear too much make up. Men should make sure ties are properly done up.

Sit up straight

It’s a simple tip but no one looks good when they’re slouching.

Look at the lens

Don’t stare at your face. Resist that temptation, and look at the lens. Otherwise, your eyes will look slightly off focus.

Check that your lens is clean

If you have kids, it’s very likely someone has smudged it with peanut butter at some point – clean it off.

Make sure you’re not interrupted

Talking of kids, a big tip is to make sure everyone else in the house knows what you’re doing. Ask someone to take the kids to the park or the dog for a walk which keeps the noise down and prevents people coming in to the room. Lock the door if you can! Clothes, lighting, camera position, room tidy, eye line – all good. Until the children started coming in…

If you have any Skype interview tips you’d like to share or maybe any questions get in touch or comment below.


Need More Skype Interview Tips?

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