Time lapse photography

Time-lapse photography can be extremely beneficial for your construction site. Here, we look at 5 reasons why you should invest in it.


Time-lapse cameras come in all shapes and sizes – and of course, cost. Webcams are cheap and simple to install but they’re not robust and the quality of image is often quite poor. Just look at the grainy images produced when the police are trying to track down someone from scene-of-the-crime footage!

However, our 4K resolution cameras can be installed to take regular pictures of your site. The images can be ultra-wide, so you can take a picture of the whole site; and the quality is so great, you can zoom right in and see even the tiniest detail.

The advantages of time-lapse photography? Well, what if there’s an accident on-site? You can examine in close detail exactly what happened, and identify who was involved. An issue with contractor quality? Take a look at the area they were working in, and see precisely how and when the work was carried out.

BMS time-lapse photography once revealed a contractor had carried out certain work in sub-zero conditions, rendering the quality of work very poor. Our client was able to get the job done again at no cost to them, saving them millions of pounds.

4K time-lapse cameras can also be networked to colleagues and related partners across the world, allowing progress to be monitored 24 hours a day whether at the head office, on the road, and more.


Time-lapse photography can produce stunning images that are both still and moving. Our high-resolution cameras can also provide an instant replay of previous images, providing footage of the most recent developments. 4K images can be blown up into huge posters, used in presentations and progress reports to the boss, shown at annual general meetings, and used for publicity material, social media, and on your website.

When stitched together, time-lapse images make truly great footage. You can watch your project rise from the ground: from ground works all the way through to completion. Night shots and boring bits like weekend inactivity can be edited out to provide a seamless transition. This too, can be used not only as a record of achievement, but for PR, social media, and your website too. Take a look at the footage of time-lapse photography we shot for some of our most recent projects.


Our time-lapse camera rigs are IP66 rated, which means they’re tough enough for any environment.  They can take images every few minutes, and with a bit of maintenance, will last for years and years. In fact, our longest time-lapse rig took perfect pictures for over four years, and could have carried on for a lot longer.

Cheaper webcams and smaller cameras often used to record sporting and vehicle activities are nowhere near as robust. If you want a reliable, continuous stream of footage from your site, then you need to install the right camera(s) for the job.


Construction sites are often gritty, dusty, muddy, exposed, and open to the elements. Hot in summer, freezing in winter and rained on year-round.

Cameras installed by us for time-lapse photography come with special mounting and casings, which will protect the camera in extreme temperatures. In very hot climates, BMS camera casings can be installed with cooling units – and we can put windscreen wipers on the glass casings so that images remain totally clear!

But what if your site has no power or data feeds? This is no issue, as our time-lapse cameras have been installed offshore. This ingenious technology means that with the use of batteries, solar power and 4G connectivity, we can run, monitor and harvest images from even the most remote of places.


If that wasn’t enough, you can control your time-lapse photography from anywhere in the world. Zoom in, pan left or right, tilt up or down: time-lapse cameras can be fully motorised.

If, for any reason, cameras stop taking pictures (the main reason for this is an interruption in site power supply), then we can remotely reboot them, without the need for a technician to go to your site.

Ultimately, time-lapse photography with us can be hugely beneficial for your site, simply because cameras are bespoke, according to the conditions you face. Whilst they may be more expensive than off-the-shelf solutions; the quality of image is better, they’re more robust and last longer, meaning they are more effective in the long-run.

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