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MEDIA training Nottingham

Our Idea of Media Training

When opportunity comes your way, you need to be ready to shine in the spotlight.  Whether regional or national, your big moment should be just that. Big. 

No matter the angle, our media training Nottingham course can help you stand out from the crowd and make the most of your media appearance.

With decades of industry experience behind us, BMS are here to present a fresh and unique course of confidence, helping you to excel in any media - from print and social media to radio and TV. 

The Benefits of BMS Media Training

There are a variety of advantages in booking a media training session with us.

Our media training Nottingham course:

  • Encourages you to establish a unified voice for your company
  • Helps your employees to become media-friendly, ensuring journalists reach out to you for an expert opinion
  • Allows your customers to see you as a leader and helps boost your brand
  • Crisis media training works to help you handle the press and media coverage when things don't quite go to plan

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Why Trust BMS?

We travel around the country but our head office is in Nottingham so you can join us for your Media Training in Nottingham and we're right on your doorstep whenever you need us.  Plus, all of our professional journalist trainers are current or former specialists in media coverage and handling. With backgrounds in broadcast and print, national newspapers, the BBC, ITN and Sky News, they're the best equipped team to help you deal with local, regional, national and international medias. 

BMS is also one of the few media training organisations in the UK to have independent authorisation from the CPD Standards Office (Continuing Professional Development). This means we have an accredited guarantee that the quality of our training standards is high, and the confirmation that our success rate is undoubtably consistent. 

But if our word isn't enough, check out some of our testimonials below for further convincing.