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INTERVIEW Skills Courses


INTERVIEW Skills Courses

media interview skills training.

Media interview skills are an essential tool are an essential tool in any corporate communication strategy.

Media interview training is a cornerstone of any PR campaign - when your company has good news to share or you’ve been asked to contribute to a news item. Likewise, if you’ve got something great going on – a new product or service, strong annual figures, a raft of new jobs up for grabs - then you won’t want to be keeping it a secret. 

And media training skills are particularly important if something goes wrong and you find yourself and your organisation in the eye of a media storm.

This is where BMS come in.

A media interview skills training day incorporates all the necessary broadcast, recorded, live and print interview training – usually with three practical rounds encompassing:

  • 1 live radio interview
  • 1 live TV interview
  • 1 pre-recorded print/TV interview

As with all of your training, this is completely tailored to your wishes and your company’s needs – we can mix and match between the three formats. Every BMS media training course is fully bespoke.

Follow the links below for more detail on the types of live interview and print interview training that we can provide:

An Overview of BMS Media Interview Training

Whether its trade press, local or national print, radio or television, BMS has the experience and the expertise to test your spokespersons through a series of true to life interviews to see if the messages you want to broadcast actually make the cut once they’ve gone through the journalistic mill.

Your three building blocks to prepare for interview are:

  • Strategy:  a clear idea about what you want to say to this particular audience.
  • Simplicity: the removal of jargon in favour of conversational English.
  • Performance: lifting your delivery so that an audience believes in what you are saying.

Now, at BMS we’re not there to train you like a performing seal. But we can, across a series of pressure test interviews, get you to be the biggest version of yourself you can be. Enthusiasm without absurdity, gravitas without bathos. 

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