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CRISIS MEDIA training London

The media reacts quickly to news especially since the digitisation of stories on social media and news apps on smartphones. The saying "bad news travels fast" has never been more accurate than it is today which highlights the requirement for a speedy, efficient and effective response to a crisis.

Our crisis media training in London will equip you with the tools necessary to do this. Our professional journalist trainers who either are current or former specialists in the media have a with wealth of experience with regional and national newspapers as well as broadcasting stations like BBC, Sky and ITN. A sample of our experience includes:

  • Producers for BBC Panorama, Newsnight and ITN News
  • BBC TV at regional and national level 
  • Sky News broadcasters
  • BBC and independent local radio
  • Editors compiling bulletins across BBC Radio 5 Live

Broadcast Media Services (BMS) covers every facet of journalistic interest in your crisis. We've had experience dealing it all: medical negligence, corporate manslaughter, corporate data hacking, online technical issues, mass redundancies, fraud and corporate failure.

Find out more about what to expect from our crisis media training days here

Crisis Media Training London - Clients

BMS has worked with many organisations both large and small in London as well as up and down the country. Whether you need us to conduct training on a one to one basis or for a your Gold Command team our crisis media training will put you under the most realistic extreme pressure. Some of our happy clients can be seen below however, if you need a reference or would like to talk to a member of the team call us on 0203 770 7549 or get in touch via our form

What Makes BMS Crisis Management Training London Unique?

  • Realistic scenario development - We'll develop scenarios related to you and the industry within which you or your organisation work. These could be big one off events and dealing with aftermath or crises that grow over time as momentum and local and national media take hold
  • Scenario context - You'll get to know under pressure who to respond to first, how and why these must be done
  • Interviews - Within the crisis context we can place you in e.g. news crews outside your headquarters, real-time phone-ins, we'll conduct telephone interviews, print interviews and put your spokespeople live on air
  • Social media - Mockingbird is our own in-house developed Twitter emulation software giving you or your organisation a real life experience of public noise during a crisis
  •  Analysis - This all sounds extreme but it needs to be. We will be putting you and your team through your paces with one of our experienced crisis media trainers who will be there to watch and observe your decision-making processes. Then BMS will take all your external facing interviews and analyse and evaluate the corporate performance producing a detailed report on your crisis media plan and make suggestions on how performance can be improved.

Crisis media training in is a cornerstone of corporate communications planning. When the worst happens you need to know you can protect your brand and safeguard your corporate reputation.

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